Greenhouse Type is a senior thesis project by Anna Sing that explores houseplants’ history and relevance in a digital world through Latin typeface design. This thesis aims to bring greenery to our screens through four typeface designs that experiment with the body of letterforms, allowing anyone to water their page with bright typefaces.

This is by far one of my largest projects to date and I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it all on my own. I’d like to take some space to thank the people that helped make this project possible!
a special thank you to:

Ben Zerbo for his constant inspiration and willingness to spend many Zoom hours teaching me type design and critiquing my work.

Leah Maldonado for motivating me to be my most authentic self and for giving me a great foundation to explore type design with.

Jules Durand for his eagerness to critique and help improve Aureum.

Sam Lavigne for his kindness and readiness to be my coding tech support.

Greg Foley, Jason Wilkins, James Walker, Kelcey Gray and so many countless classmates for their great feedback for the past year.

and Half Price Books, the best place on earth to find images.

Greenhouse Type 2021
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